De Vlijt Texel

Airport restaurant & studios


Unwind from the crowds in a calming oasis and wake up to a view of airplanes landing and taking off. This unique setting awaits you in the spacious studios of De Vlijt. Which accommodation will you select: first class, business class or royal class? The choice is yours!

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The fantastic view of Texel Airport makes De Vlijt the lunch spot on Texel. Take in the airport dynamics and experience the surroundings. Make yourself at home on our expansive sunny terrace or seek out a place in our sun room with your favorite view. You will also find our menu very versatile! 

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Everyone should visit Texel at least once in their lifetime, simply to see the dunes, the white beaches, the nature preserves and the pine forests. And there is ever so much more to see and do, of course. Just to get you started, we’ve picked a few of our favourites.

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Airport restaurant De Vlijt is situated at a unique location. It’s a place with a remarkable – one could even say romantic – history. A past filled with airmen, parachutists and other rugged adventurers.

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