Welcome to Texel

Everyone should visit Texel at least once in their lifetime, simply to see the dunes, the white beaches, the nature preserves and the pine forests. The one-of-a-kind summer events, such as the ‘Ronde om Texel’ catamaran race, are bucket-list-worthy as well. Are we blowing our own horn a bit? Possibly. Still, the well-known travel guide Lonely Planet named Texel its top European destination for 2016, citing precisely these examples.

And there is ever so much more to see and do, of course. Too much, in fact, to list here. There are a wealth of facets that make Texel unique. Just to get you started, we’ve picked a few of our favourites. None of these require much in the way of travel: all attractions mentioned here are in the immediate vicinity of De Vlijt.