Lunch restaurant on Texel

Fantastic view

The fantastic view of Texel Airport makes De Vlijt the lunch spot on Texel.

Take in the airport dynamics and experience the surroundings. De Vlijt pulses with the rich history of aviation. Tough and adventurous. Authentic and warm. Have you just gone skydiving and the adrenaline is still coursing through your body? Or are you just coming to have a look?

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Lovely large terrace

Make yourself at home on our expansive sunny terrace or seek out a place in our sun room with your favorite view.

De Vlijt has a versatile menu, including juicy burgers and fries. We also serve premium coffees and teas, which are best paired with a large slice of one of our delicious cakes. If you fancy a cold beer, we would be happy to tell you more about the special Texel beers on offer.


Opening hours

Early and late season: daily from 11 am
Summer: daily from 10 am
Winter: when the weather is good enough for air traffic

Hope to see you soon!